Time Description for non standard time profiles

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Would be great to get your thoughts on the below:


I have 2 cubes with 2 different time profiles attached – Standard (Jan-Dec) and AugYearEnd (Sep – Aug)


I have used the below query successfully in CVs to get the time description based on the cube selection.


T#2021.Base:Name(XFMemberProperty(DimType=Time, Member=|MFTime|, Property=Description, TimeDimProfile=CB#GroupReporting_AugYE))


Variations of the above also work:


T#2021.Base:Name(XFMemberProperty(DimType=Time, Member=|MFTime|, Property=Description, TimeDimProfile=CB#|WFCube|)), à more dynamic, or


T#2021.Base:Name(XFMemberProperty(DimType=Time, Member=|MFTime|, Property=Description, TimeDimProfile=AugYearEnd))


However, when we use this in a dashboard member list parameter, this doesn’t seem to work and always returns the description of the standard time dimension. In the 'Data Source' condition of the parameter, I had mentioned the specific cube and was hoping the time description would be appropriate, but it seems to always return the description from the standard time dimension.

Any thoughts on how we can get the appropriate time description?





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I am having the same issue in XF retrieves, did you ever find a solution on this? Only thing I can think of which may not help you is for us to change the Standard Time descriptions in the app so it reverts to that description. We can do that here since we are only using a fiscal time but I would think there is a better solution

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Hi All,

I was able to solve this issue as follows:

Dim strTime As String = args.NameValuePairs.XFGetValue("Time")
Dim TimeDimProfileEx As TimeDimProfileEx = BRApi.Finance.Time.GetTimeDimProfileUsingCubeName(si, "<CubeNameHere>")
Dim TimeDimAppInfoEx As TimeDimAppInfoEx = BRApi.Finance.Time.GetTimeDimAppInfo(si)
Dim TimeId As Integer = BRApi.Finance.Members.GetMemberId(si, dimTypeId.Time, strTime)
Dim memberDesc As String = TimeDimProfileEx.GetTimeMemberDescription(si, TimeDimAppInfoEx, TimeId)

Return memberDesc

I hope this helps and kind regards,