Top Margin on a PDF

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We have adjusted the top margin to all kinds of numbers, however it still doesnt seem to shrink. I have removed the log from the extender rule but it seems like there is a margin default. I have also tried to look at removing the blue line header to see if that helps but cant seem to find the proper rule for that. Any suggestions to get this top margin basically down to a very little space? The report needs to fit on one page so we took the font down and it works but would like to find a little more space if possible. Thanks!


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Community Manager

Could you post the relevant bit of your CV Extender, so that we can look at what might be going wrong...?

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Case Is = CVExtenderFunctionType.FormatReportUIItem
Dim uiItem As CVExtenderReportUIItem = args.Report.CurrentUIItem
Dim reportOptions As New CVExtenderReportOptions
If uiItem.UIItemType = XFReportUIItemType.PageHeaderPictureBoxLogo Then
End If
Case Is = CVExtenderFunctionType.GetReportOptions
Dim reportOptions As New CVExtenderReportOptions()
reportOptions.ReportMarginTop = 0
Return reportOptions
End Select
Return Nothing