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Using Attributes

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We have data loaded to stage, voucher row text field, that we do not want loaded to the cube. Is there a video or how to doc that walks you through how to setup Attribute Value Dimensions for this column? I know from some of the OneStream training that I have attended it is possible but just having trouble getting started.

Cube Design Attribute Value.docx (385.9 KB)


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Design and Reference within Platform Documentation is a great resource (Help at the top right of the application). I think reviewing Cube Integration and Data Sources will help you get to where you want to go with this.

Design and Reference > Cube > Cubes > Integration

For the Cube where you are importing this data, you would need to enable one of the Attribute dimensions. When a Dimension is Enabled, it will appear in the Stage area and data can be imported into it for a particular Scenario Type.

Design and Reference > Data Collection > Data Sources

For the data source assigned to the import, create Source Dimension for the enabled Attribute dimension then set the position where the dimension data will exist in source data.

Next time you import the data to stage, based on your data source configuration, data should map to newly enabled dimension.

Thanks @michael.brokaw this was helpful.

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Pardon the plug; however, I wrote a brief blog for this post, Post | Feed | LinkedIn

@terry.ledet Thanks, this is exactly what we needed!