Values are correct in Data Explorer and throwing error in report and excel.

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Dear community, 
I'm using a getdatacell formula to sum few range of rows. The formula is correct and I'm getting the correct/desired output in the data explorer. But, when I try rendering it in the report and excel. It throws an error with "#ERROR'rowname'". I'm not sure what causing this issue. Is it because of the column override I'm using or some settings are driving the issue. It throws error Any solution to this would be appreciated. 


Please find the attached 2 images of data explorer and report output. The values in the data explorer are displaying. And the in the report it's throwing #ERROR: Rowname. 


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Hey, it's hard to say anything without seeing the actual row definitions, so you might want to post those. Also specify the Onestream version please (it appears at the top of the login screen).

A wild guess is that there might be some complex Parameter involved that is not resolved correctly in Excel and Reports.

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