Variable |MF...| passing to XFBR

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Dear Community

I am facing the fact that my XFBR(BR_XFBR_String, ParentBold, sEntity = |MFEntity|) does not passing the Entity Name to XFBR.

CubeView is organized in the way that Rows contains just a part of Entity structure Entity.ChildrenInclusiveR (this two step structure has no Base Members) and i need to format only Top Parent of that. It works when Variable comes form POV or CV but not from the Rows/MF.

Is there any way to use |MF...| for passing information to XFBR?



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|MF| substitution variables only work when it is used on the same Member Expansion in the Rows. For example, if the Entity member filter is on Member Expansion 1, the |MFEntity| substitution variable cannot be on Member Expansion 2.

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facing a similar issue, however |MF| substitution variables never work for me when using as a argument in XFBR for all dimensions and regardless where i use it in member filter