Viewing Stage Attributes From Excel

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I have a Stage Attribute of text type attached to my source records.  As expected, this drops off when I push data from Stage to the Cube.  

When I run a query in the Excel Add-In and do a drill-down back to source at the base level intersections, I can see all dimensional values except the Stage Attribute #1.

Is there any way to enable this?




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I think I have answered my own question.

If you ever need to do this in Excel or Spreadsheet:

1. Right-click on a cell in your spreadsheet and select OneStream XF -> Drill Down

2. Highlight a record and right-click and select Load Results For Imported Cell

3. Highlight a record and click the Navigate To Source button.

From there you will be able to see the Stage Attribute(s) along with the other dims.

You can then right-click in a cell and choose Export and then select an option to export as a CSV, XML, etc.

Yes the key is to drill down to the base of all dimensions and only then you would get the option to "Load Results For Imported Cell" which is a bit pain in the hand but you could use "All Aggregated Data Below Cell" (only available if time is at a base level) and drill down on just Entity dim to get to the base and view source data..

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Keep in mind, you also have the ability to pull attribute data from stage directly into a cube view or quick view via a UD8 dynamic calc. In addition, you can report on attribute data from stage with a table view in Spreadsheet. Lastly, in 6.8 we now have the ability to configure a cube view to include a navigation link to a dashboard which could be a slick way to provide a user the ability to "drill down" on a cube view pulled into Excel and navigate to a dashboard that presents the enriched stage data.





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