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We are trying to pull WD HR data into OneStream.  At this point, we are just trying to prove we can do it.  I'm trying to setup a data adapter to pull the data using an SIC Direct Connection, but I don't know how to start with the data connector.  What type of data connector?  How do I tell the da to grab the data from the SIC?  Searching the OneStream documentation for these yields nothing and the Foundation Guidebook doesn't speak to the particulars either.

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Hi @Brooks 

Thanks for reaching out to the community! We will try to help.
You did not say to what you are connecting to? Let's assume you connect to a MSSQL server to which you connect using ODBC. Note that all this is set up in the SIC Connector with the connection string you provide and that you also added the custom Database under System>System Config>CreateNew.
Once it is installed, you create your data adaptor and you select a bit like below (see pictures).
You should see under External Database Connection the Connection name you did set up in SIC. You add the SQL query that you probably already tested on your MSSQL server and it should provide the same result.



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Thanks for the reply, Nicolas

We are using a direct connection --a link to Workday to grab a file.  I prefer your method and have used it to connect with GLs such as JDE and SAP.  Unfortunately, Workday isn't really setup for SQL.  With the database connection you mention, it is easy to create a data adapter and a POC for queries without needing to create the dimension in OneStream.  That is what we are trying to do here, but with a direct connection.  We need to link to the space where Workday puts is reports and grab the report (file) and show that we can do it.  That is all we are trying to do right now, but what I'm finding the least amount of documentation on.  Have you or anyone you know ever connected to Workday using a direct connection?  What is the quickest way to verify that, "yep, we have a connection, and we can grab data"?