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Accessing RPTA Reports or Audit detail

Community Manager
Community Manager
Originally posted by Felipe Alcorta


We currently have our model set up with workflow profiles set up for each entity that interfaces with our ERP to import data.  I would like to give users the ability to see the status of their respective entity workflow profile status (i.e. completed or failed).  The report RPTA/Workflow Status/Completion Status has exactly the data that I need.  Admins can see it but users cannot.  Is the data in this report available via a quickview or is RPTA report the only way?  Are they governed by a default security profile?  TIA


Community Manager
Community Manager
Originally posted by Alexander Ginga

RPTA_Application_Reports are open to Everyone by default.


Setting Workflow POV - allows you to run Workflow Status RPTA reports directly in OneStream Application.

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Did you try Settings -> Report Setup ->Click on the Workflow Status Name and you can assign the Security access to the desired group you want.

Like Alexander mentioned, by default the RPTA reports are open to Everyone.

Ramu Vallakati
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