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Journal Security - Auto-Reversing Journal Type

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We have two security groups we use to manage journals, one with access to Post journals and one to Create journals (and Submit them). We’re seeing issues where the person with the access to post journals isn’t able to post auto-reversing journal types. They can post standard journal type fine though. Has anyone come across this before or have any insight? For the Workflow Profile, it seems to be the Journal Process Group security driving this, but we don’t want people who post to be able to create journals as well.


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Hi Jenny,

We had a similar need here and came up with a journal event handler business rule that prevents the same user from posting\approving their own journal. That helped quite a bit.

Good luck with your quest for answers to this.

Take care.

OneStream Employee
OneStream Employee

Hi there

Would you mind sharing the journal event handler business rule that prevents the same user from posting\approving their own journal?  

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When posting an Auto Reversing journal, the Auto Reversal journal is automatically created in the next time period and set to the Approved state. This requires the user posting an Auto Reversing journal to also be assigned to the Journal Process Group in order to create the Auto Reversal journal.

To keep preparers and approvers separate, assign preparers to Journal Process and Post Groups and approvers to Journal Approval Group. Preparers may create, submit, reject after submitting before approval and post/unpost after approval. Approvers may approve/reject after submission or reject after approval before posting or after unposting.

Thanks for this information. This is a little different from how we had intended to do things, but it does help us keep the tasks separated and could be an option for us.