Accessing Azure File Storage from OneStream

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I am trying to access a file stored in Azure File Storage to import in the cube, but I need help to do that if I try using the REST API as the namespace Microsoft.Azure or any other Azure related namespace, as they are not available in the OneStream library.

Has anyone encountered the same ?  Any better approach to achieve the desired outcome ?


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For integration to external sources, like some sort of Azure service (Table storage / Blog storage) I would look for a client API library to use, then add those .DLL's to the binary assembly folder, so you can reference the .DLL in your Connector business rule. A little high-level, but hopefully can turn you in the right direction

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Figure out which extra .Net libraries you need and how to install them, then install them on the server yourself if on-premises or contact OneStream Support to add them to Cloud environments.

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Wouldn't using a REST API for Azure mean that you don't need to install/import any additional libraries for Azure and instead only require the appropriate libraries for http (e.g. System.Net) on the OneStream side?

Yeah, but MS have wrapper libraries that make things easier, and are promoted by their docs. I guess that's what he was after.

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Hello All,


Thank you for your responses. the setup is on OneStream Cloud and we are using the REST API and setting up a request in Postman. Is there a knowledgebase article that I can refer.


Thank you