Audit Log for Workflow Profile Rename or move under different Parent



Hi Team,

i was looking for the Audit Log for Workflow profile re-name or workflow profile movement from one parent to another, almost similar to what we have for Metadata logs.

Any hints for the same ?

Regards and Thanks

Darpan Bhansali


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Hi Darpan,
I don’t know off the top of my head but have you tried sending in a support ticket? They might be able to answer you much quicker than us.

Hi Nicole,

Thanks for the response, i had already communicated with One Stream support, seems the same request is already in queue from other customers as well and they will be releasing the same in next version release, may be by early 2021.

but i hope my question above was clear… is there any tables which we can use and find out the workflow rename audit…


Darpan Bhansali

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Hi Darpan,
Based on your question I’m guessing you have access to the System tab in OS. I believe the application table AuditWorkflowProfileHierarchy will give you the information you’re looking for. It has the ProfileName as well as the Keys for the WF Profile and the Parent. Of course there is potentially extra work needed depending on how you want to report this to other people, but I’m ignoring that for now.

Many Thanks for your inputs, Based on the tables below, we were able to Frame the query to get the required data into the excel format.

  1. Profile Rename – New name and old name ( able to fetch in a row… but no code to have saying old MEP and new MEP ) – Still it Works.
  2. Parent Profile modifications are also being tracked / Audited, which we were able to derive. – Works.

Still have few questions as below.

We are not able to find Audit logs / Tables for the modifications done at Work Flow Execution Group & Certification SignOff Group. How to find the audit log for the same ? ( Refer screenshot below )


Darpan Bhansali

Screenshot 2020-11-24 151755.jpg757×238 50.1 KB

Changes made to security on master data will show on the out of the box Metadata Audit reports dashboards (in the XFS Metadata Audit dashboards maintenance unit) and it looks like they’re pulling from the data base tables AuditMember and AuditRelationship.

Agreed Nicole,

But Those reports are primarily for Metadata Changes ( Dimension Changes )

Work Flow Profile changes are not included in those reports.



Hi Darpan,
You’re right - the screenshot looked like a master data section.

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Hi Darpan,

See the latest version of the Standard Application Reports available in the Marketplace (PV610 SV100).

There is a new Workflow Profile Audit report group which contains the following reports:

  • Workflow Profile Audit – Added: Shows the workflow profile group and/or workflow profile properties added within a specified date range and the user who added them.
  • Workflow Profile Audit – Updated: Shows the workflow profile group and/or workflow profile properties updated within a specified date range and the user who updated them.
  • Workflow Profile Audit – Deleted: Shows the workflow profile group and/or workflow profile properties deleted within a specified date range and the user who updated them.


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