Bulk Certify workflow

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Hi All, 

My team and I need to create a dashboard that will help the user in bulk certify workflow profiles. the whole interface is similar to Workflow Multi-Period Processing(screenshot) but with few changes, which will only focus on Certify the workflow profiles for import trial balance step for multiple LEs at once and not multiple steps for 1 LE. This needs to be created under Dashboard process. Is there any guide or marketplace solution for this? any help will be greatly appreciated. 







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Hi Upkar: if the user has access to the top level workflow the administrative panel has the right-click > Corporate Certification Management > Certify and Lock Descendants option.  Obviously, if the user cannot access the top level this won't work.

If that's the case you'll probably need to build it yourself into a dashboard.  You'll need to loop the profiles and set the certification.  Check out the functions:


As they will be the primary pieces you'll need.

Lastly, if memory serves me correctly some of the Actor Workspace dashboards from the Golfstream demo app might provide ideas for views you could use to manage this.

We did something similar - created a dashboard for a user to click a button to lock multiple workflows. The button triggered a DM job which triggered a business rule. Ours was a lock so a little different than the suggestion outlined above but here's a portion of our BR with some blurred out for reference: 


Hope it's useful!