Can we Load data without using the workflow/DM

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Hi All,

In HFM we can extract data from one application/Instance and load it into another application using the data load option (.dat file). Do we have a similar feature where we can extract data from one OneStream application and load it into another application/Instance?


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To exportdata w/o using DM -

1. Use fdx query.

2. Use Cubeview export to excel query.

3. use streamer to write data from the table to csv.



To import data using csv file


'File To Import
Dim fileName As String = "BaseTrialBalanceDataWithComment.csv" '<- Define file to import
'Import from Network FileShare
Dim filePath As String = "\\FileServerName\FileShare\Users\UserName\" & fileName
'Import a csv file containing FORM data
Dim originFilter As New List(Of String)
Dim delimiter As String = ","                                  '<- Define file delimiter
Dim targetOriginMember As String = "Forms"                     '<- Define Origin member to extract
Dim loadZeros As Boolean = False
'Execute the load
Dim objXFResult As XFResult = BRApi.Finance.Data.SetDataCellsUsingUsingCsvFile(si,  filePath, delimiter, originFilter, targetOriginMember, loadZeros)


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