Clear data from Workflow import

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Hey everyone - 


How do I clear data from these workflow manual imports automatically?

Right now, I've been going through each month one by one. Wondering if there is a BR that can run them all together and clear up data from those specific imports and time dimension. 

Here are the steps I want to follow: 

Navigate to import that needs to be cleared > Clear > Re-Transform > Validate > Load Cube







You can create an Extender rule that mimics a load using the following.

Dim impProcessInfo As LoadTransformProcessInfo = BRApi.Import.Process.ExecuteParseAndTransform(si, wfCurrentClusterPk, "filename or dm name", Nothing, TransformLoadMethodTypes.Replace, SourceDataOriginTypes.FromFileUpload, True)

  You can change the loadmethodtypes to do replaces. I've not tried that with a blank file though.

Hi @ckattookaran 

I'm not intending to load a blank file. I want the WF to "Clear" data by itself, and run the validation-load steps period by period. 


Last night,  I figured out a different solution and it works. It's mainly defining the workflow (using as WFUnitClusterPk) and using brapi.import.process to execute the various steps (Clear Data, Retransform, Validate, Load).


Your question was how can I clear the data from workflow profiles, not how can I automate the load process!

Are you saying that there is a method in brapi.import.process to clear the data alone?

Oh, apologies if I wasn't clear. 

Yes, there is...


Aha, I see it now. ClearStageData

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can you please share with me the code used to automate the workflow (import, validate, load) ? thank you 

am trying to use the executeparseandtransform function but it seems it doesnt work with me 


can you please help ? thank you .

You do have the option of using harvester. However, I don't like to use that process since it is not readable by an outsider. You can use the following to mimic what the workflow is doing.






What error are you getting during the executeparse?

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Hi Mustafa,


I am looking to perform something similar. Is the goal of this to entirely clear cube data related to this workflow profile/load? If you are clearing the Stage data, then what is being retransformed/validated/loaded? My understanding is that those steps would fail unless staged data exists.

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Did you try using the Workflow Batch Multi Period Processing screen?  



Oh. I didn't see this before. Very useful to know!!