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Thought I would share this from one of our Distinguished Architects:

Although uncommon, but occasionally happens: Someone closed the workflows! This usually happens during or just after end user training. You’re probably wondering ‘how do people do this when it’s not something we show them?’. Your guess is as good as mine especially since a dialog box opens to ask them if they’re sure they want to close the workflows. So then the next questions are:

  1. How do I re-open them?
  2. Who closed them?
  3. Can I prevent it from happening in the future?



  1. Go to the top workflow for the scenario and year that was closed and you should see Open WF (step 3).






  1. To find out who closed the WF, you select the cube root WF in OnePlace for the specific scenario and year that was closed. Then in the right window, right click and click Audit (your menu might be slightly different from mine).






In the pop up window, expand Manage Workflow and the green one below is who closed the workflow. The screenshot below shows who opened it back up.






  1. On the cube root workflows (on all of the dropdowns), change the three groups to Administrators.






To avoid all of this, just do step 3 when you set up your workflows.


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Thanks for this post, it's very useful!

On step 3, I don't think you necessary need all 3 groups to be set to admin to avoid this situation, it will depend on the specific WF configuration (i.e. if one can't sign-off a WF that requires certification, one won't be able to close it anyway...); but I agree that setting everything to Administrators is a decent default approach when in doubt.