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I am creating a cube view to be used in a Dashboard on an Workflow in order for a client to enter Quarterly Commentary.

I am having two issues.

1. When I set the time on the Explanation Workflow(Annotation) column to a Quarter, I receive green cells and cannot enter a comment. When I switch it to the quarter month, I have white cells and can enter a comment. I just want to confirm that this is normal functionality and that we cannot write comments to the quarter.

2. The second issue is that I would like to write the comment to the BeforeAdj Origin member. I am able to do this when I have the Explanation (Annotation) column looking to one of my Forecast scenarios. When I switch the column to look at the Actual scenario (which is the scenario I want to be looking at) the cells turn green. In this case, they only turn white if I switch the Origin member to Import. I must have a setting somewhere that needs to be adjusted but I am having trouble locating it. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


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  1. I believe that's expected behaviour - if you are storing text directly in a form, you have to target base members. If you want to enter comments for a parent, you have to use the Data Attachments - right-click and select Data Attachments for Selected Data Unit, you'll be able to add notes there (You might have to specify the full POV you want to attach it to). There are workarounds but they involve Dynamic Calc rules.
  2. there might be a few reasons for that. You have to check Cubes -> your cube -> "Data Access" tab, as well as any Conditional Input rule specified in Finance Business Rules attached to the cube (you see them in the "Cube Properties" tab in that same screen, in properties "Business Rules 1" to 8). It might also be the result of the different Input-related properties on the Scenario, and how they combine with the Time member you're looking at.