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Cube Suffix and moving workflows

New Contributor III

We are setting up TXM/RCM and would like to have the workflows in a separate Cube View Workflow Profile.  We have added a suffix to the appropriate scenario types on the cube setup and created the default Cube View Workflow Profile for this new cube suffix.  However, the customer already has some workflows that are being used in the original cube.  Is there any way to move these to the new profile?  We know we can get it to work if starting clean, just not sure if it's possible to do anything with what they already have set up.



Hey MJohnson,

I am assuming you are meaning the Cube Root workflow profile not the Cube View workflow profile is that correct? Are you setting up RCM/TXM in a new cube or adding them onto an existing cube? The workflows profiles that already exist are they on the suffix you have created or is the ask if you can move all of them over to the new suffix. I apologize, I am not sure I am understanding your question.


New Contributor III

Yes, sorry Cube Root workflow profile.  We have not set up the suffix yet and they have workflows they are already using for TXM (including a data splitter).  This is in an existing cube.  We were hoping to be able to add the suffix to these scenario types and then move the existing workflows.  We did some testing and it looks like we won't be able to, but wanted to see if anyone else ran across this and had a solution.

Ok, yea I understand now. Yea it is always better to setup the suffix when the cube is first spun up.  One way around it would be If you created a new scenario in the cube as assigned it an unused scenario type then create the suffix on the cube, you should be able to single out TXM on that workflow. When you go to move the workflow, you will probably have to do it in the XML to expedite the process or you could recreate it. You would really want to test this to make sure TXM would still be functioning like you wanted but I am not sure if this is a viable solution for you.

New Contributor III

Thanks!  We'll do some testing in our sandbox and try this out.