Cube views and Parameters

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Hi All,


I encounter this issue while opening a cube view from a form template in the Workflow. The same cube view opens without any issues directly but if you try opening the same via the workflow, it gives this error 

"Cube Views used for Forms cannot use parameters when referencing other cube views for Shared rows or columns. Unable to resolve substitution variable <paramtere_name>"


.Some detail worth mentioning here is that we are using paramters for formatting and in one of those formatting parameters we are using another parameter.


Has anyone encountered something like this and how did you overcome it.


Thanks for your help 🙂






Sorry, can you clarify the scenario please?

If I understand correctly, you have a cube view used in a form. Such cube view is referencing other cube views to import shared rows or columns, is that right? And you have a nested Literal Parameter, where? in the top CV or one of the referenced templates? And which property are you using the parameter for?

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Hi Jack,

Thank you for getting back.

Yes you understand correctly that the cube view (in the form) is referencing to another cube view for row/column sharing. The nesterd literal paramter is referenced in both the cube views. These parameters are used for the formatting of the cube views. 

The layout of the formatting paramter is like this

- There is one master parameter for the formatting used in the cube view.

- This master paramter refers to other paramters based on certain conditions fuffilled by the rows and therefore in the rows the specific formatting sould be applicable.


I hope this helps.


Thank you


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Hello, I am receiving a similar error message when trying to utilize nested parameters for cube view formatting. The cube view renders properly when it is run directly; however, when the cube view is run from a workflow form, the following error message is generated.