Forecast process

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I would like to know from fellow OneStreamers how you’ve done your monthly and quartely forecasting process. I’m not necessarily looking for a solution. Just ideas on how this can be done.

i need to seed the forecast from actual and budget and then be able to visualize them through the workflow and be able to adjust budget data through load of file. how can i link the BR of copy with the workflow and to adjust the data , is it possible to override the data copied by loading a file ? i thought about adding a workspace for the BR of copy than import on the workflow name but i am wondering if there is better solution (best practice) for the forecast process.


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Have you looked into Hybrid Scenarios? They were built for this sort of situation, particularly the Copy Data version. Copied data can be overwritten with an Import step, although the practice is questionable; the classic approach is to amend by form, so you can better leverage the Origin dimension.



I am confused a little by the question. Are you saying you want to modify the data that you import before it is loaded to the cube or after the import?
I typically have a seeding dashboard setup for the source to a forecast scenario where an admin/central user can select from what source they want the starting point data, actuals would come from actuals and then they can select where the starting point for the forecast comes from either a budget or a prior forecast. Once that data is in then the users can just go in and update the data in the forms origin to be able to track where the changes have been made. Leveraging the origin dimension gives to visibility into the changes from the starting point to the finish forecast. You can also use a "basis" dimension if you need to track more than one type of change, as well as leverage it for any type of custom calculations that are durable. Right now, Hybrid scenarios copies a full year from one single source to another so I don't believe you will be able to leverage that because you need to have some data from actuals as well as some months from a prior forecast or the budget which isn't possible currently.