How OneStream eliminates intercompany profit in the inventory?

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Hello, I'm trying to figure out a way to have OneStream perform profit in inventory eliminations.

Currently we manually compile data in excel to calculate how much profit sitting in the inventory and at what common parent we need to eliminate it. These manual eliminations are ultimately loaded in OneStream via upload files.

One thought is to setup custom input form in the workflows that would collect ins-&-outs of profit in the inventory and utilize Flow dimensionality. But I'm not sure if there is a better approach to this problem. 



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There are different ways to do it, with manual journals, technical accounts/flows, with a business rule or with our market place solution Reporting Compliance.

With Reporting Compliance you can create automated journals to eliminate debit and credit on line item detail level, by loading your excel sheet details to a register and transforming the detail information to elimination journals.

For more information, I recommend to ask your consultant to support you.

I hope this helps and cheers


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Hi, as always there are different approaches possible. Some collect the data in the cube and calculate the eliminations in there. The approach I like the most is the Register-based approach. You can set up your custom table or use a marketplace solution where you collect the data, calculate the eliminations based on that and post or load the eliminations into the cube. I like this approach as you can also store the calculated data in a table as well to provide full transparency of your inventory to drill back to or to analyze before posting the eliminations. This is typically used for long term assets, but I guess you can just as well configure this for your inventory as well.

This all very much depends on the exact requirements, so the value of my comment may be limited.

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We've created a couple accounts with formulas to account for our PII and eliminate the need for the manual journal entries that were being posted previously. To reiterate the others though, there are always a couple ways to do things in OS!