How to show Import Workflow step only for one period

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I have created a Workflow Import Step for Year End Adjustments and I want this specific step to only show up for Month 12 in OnePlace. I don't want users to be able to see this step for every period. Is there a way to do this?



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Does the data need to be Transformed?  You can do a Time Member Filter on a Forms task, and have the Forms task appear only in |WFYear|M12.  If feasible to get the data in a format to be uploaded by way of a Form template may be an option to address that, however Form import templates don't transform the data to the destination metadata members in your Cube and Dimension Library.

Perhaps leveraging an alternative approach might be viable..

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Yes, data needs to be transformed. I want to do an import and load step only for Month 12 to reflect Year End Adjustement. Unfortunately, it cannot be done through a form. 


Hi Emilie,

You can manage that in the Form/Journal template > Workflow > Form/Journal Frequency > Yearly.

Good luck


Hello Carlos, 

I do not have a Form or Journal Template as my Import Step is through a connector with SAP. Any ideas?

One option is to let people see the step, set  "Is Optional Data Load" as True, then have a Confirmation Rule at the parent level that will check, on M12, if the activity has been done (or conversely, alarm if it's been done at the wrong time). This is probably the lowest-code approach.

Another option (arguably the cleanest) is to set the Form to be a Dashboard, which will manage the load "behind the scenes" with rules. That allows you to leverage the time filter on form templates, but you will have to reimplement some of the Import interface (report validation errors etc).

Another approach (possibly even in combination with the one above) is to load data in a completely different Scenario/Workflow combination (let's call it "Adjusted"), which could be set as Hybrid to sync initial data from the main one (which we'll call "Main"). You could use rules on Main to pull data back in from Adjusted on Consolidation. The Workflow Tracking Frequency of Adjusted would be set to Yearly, and probably should have some sort of Event Handler to allow loads only when it's M12.

I have a feeling that there are also simpler solutions, leveraging channels or Marketplace Solutions, but they're not coming to my mind at the moment.


Hi Emilie,

I haven't tried it but maybe you could add to the workflow a journal template with the frequency restriction you need. I think it should work.



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Since you are mentioning wanting to use a SAP Connector and import, I think the easiest method would be a combination of things suggested above, with some additional features.

I would have the import step show each month, with the Optional Data Load set to true. Then you could create a business rule/function that auto completes and locks those steps for months 1-11, preventing input to them, leaving only month 12 open for input. This would be the least amount of changes to your current setup.

Also, if you dont want to spend time on developing a function to perform the locking of these steps in 1-11 its a quick manual task that can be carried out as each new year starts using the Workflow Batch processing.