Impact of moving assigned entity between workflow profiles

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Hello experts,

What is the impact of changing assigned entities from one workflow profile to another workflow profile (both being (base input type).

Will there be any impact on prior data loads? Are there any other areas we should be careful with this change?

Entity A,B and C are assigned to a single workflow profile - WF1 and loaded via WF1.Import. Now, we'd like to divide them further for future loads by creating new smaller workflow profiles such that:


WF1 will be stripped of all assigned entities & WF1.Import can be changed to a Central Import type for Entity A, B and C.

Entity A is assigned to & loaded by WF2 (new WF created)

Entity B is assigned to & loaded by WF3 (new WF created)

Entity C is assigned to & loaded by WF4 (new WF created)






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Hi @Gaurav  the impact is on what was loaded previously, as long as you're not going back in time and re-load history.  You will need to transition from one WF to another, as of a point-in-time moving forward.  You'll have an issue trying to reload prior periods, but as long as you do this as of a point-in-time and forward, you will be OK.