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Integration Failure from Task Manager Only

New Contributor

New to OneStream but thought I would post an issue where we have an integration that runs a BR without any parameters and it will run successfully if we run it manually from the
Data Management menu. However this same integration will fail with the following error if we schedule/run it from the Task Scheduler.

Here is the error we see in the Task Activity Log:
Summary: Error processing Data Management Step 'Import DB2 Audit Checks'. Unable to execute Business Rule 'DB2_DataAudit'. Select a valid workflow profile...

Any thoughts? Not understanding how it runs ok manually but has an issue if the Task Manager runs it.



That is interesting. It seems like that user does not have a workflow in the POV. If you are using things like POV members or getting the workflow, scenario, and time in the rule, the user who is running the automation will usually need those in their POV. I thought Task Scheduler does this based on the user who creates it and is immune from this still hiccup.



i remember we struggled with this as well, it was in the way that the Workflow was approached.


I think this one will work:

Dim myWorkflowUnitPk As WorkflowUnitPk = BRApi.Workflow.General.GetWorkflowUnitPk(si)


Marc Roest
OneStream consultant @Finext
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