Load file twice with one upload

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Is it possible to load one file twice without creating two separate loads?

We want to load one file but with separate columns used in each load. 

Load 1: Amount- column G, Source - column B, other columns the same

Load 2: Amount- column H, Source - column C, other columns the same


Would I have to import this file twice with 2 of everything...WP, Data sources, etc. ?


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It is possible to use rules on data sources to choose which columns to select dynamically. You could potentially utilise that functionality. Otherwise the easy solution is to have two import channels and two different data source definitions.

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Couple of Options


Option 1

- Using the 2 different DS and 2 WF Import with WF Channel you can use it. This is simple approach without require any additional code.


Option 2 


- Using Parser rule in DS. You need some kind of identification in the file Example 


If SOurce = "1" then

use the COlumn B 

ELse Column C 


End If

So it will take it dynamically for the columns in the DS.




If I did option 2, how would I get it to read a row twice to apply two situations to one row?

You need some kind of triggering based on the some source value or text or it would be difficult.

Ok I have option 2 set up but not sure on the triggering...how would I use a trigger to get it to read each row twice? I mean in what area, business rules?