OneStream to SAP RISE integration

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What are the different options available to integrate SAP RISE (SAP Cloud) to OneStream? Is there any adapter available? have anyone implemented this integration?


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SAP RISE is not the ERP itself but more a set of cloud-based tools for SAP customers to adopt cloud faster. Most likely you want to integrate with S4HANA ERP which is part of their SAP RISE cloud, am I correct?

The most common architecture for this landscape is OneStream to consume OData Services. In S4, you start creating CDS Views and expose them as OData services. OneStream will not consume these OData services directly but through SAP BTP. Something like:

S4 CDS Views > Exposed as OData Service in S4 > Consumed by SAP BTP (Integration Suite) > OData exposed via API Management to the external world > Consumed by OneStream.



@arunrajb - I agree with @franciscoamores. You can use the API which can be consumed by OS. 


yes, we considered to expose CDS view to oData API. any idea on what volume threshold the oData API can reliably support? Compared with SAP connector / ERP connect (which use RFC connection), which method is more suitable? Thanks in advance.

Method will not depend on data volumes only but on different factors. A key one is what pattern is approved by the IT/Integration team.

In regards to data volumes, OData performs pretty well and it gives you the option of using pagination if it is required due to data volumes. 

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Thank you @franciscoamores . we plan to evaluate different data extraction methods - oData API, sap connector, BTP datasphere. Hope we can share our learnings with you in return.