Retrieve Workflow channel Information using the Profile.

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I am trying to retrieve Workflow Channel Information for a specific Workflow Profile in a Business Rule. I am able to fetch it using SQL using the Attribute Index value. Just checking if there is any in-built function to fetch it.


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BRApi.Workflow.Metadata.GetProfile(si, si.WorkflowClusterPk).Name

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This will return Workflow Profile Name, I want the Workflow Channel.



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@vignesh  - The below Code Provide you the Value of WF Channel not the name. Hope this is a good starting point for you.

In SQL it is easy. 

Sample 1

Dim scenario As String = "Actual"
				Dim wfClusterPk2 As WorkflowUnitClusterPk = BRApi.Workflow.General.GetWorkflowUnitClusterPk(si, "CORP GL LOAD", scenario, "2024M1")
				Dim objList As List(Of WorkFlowProfileInfo) = BRApi.Workflow.Metadata.GetRelatives(si, wfClusterPk2, WorkflowProfileRelativeTypes.Descendants, WorkflowProfileTypes.InputImportChild)

				Dim wfList As New Dictionary(Of String, WorkFlowProfileInfo)
				For Each w As WorkflowProfileInfo In objList
					Dim A As String =  w.GetAttributeValue(ScenarioTypeID.Actual, SharedConstants.WorkflowProfileAttributeIndexes.WorkflowChannel)

Sample 2
Dim wfCh As String = brapi.Workflow.Metadata.GetProfile(si,"GL Data load COPR STD.Import").GetAttributeValue(ScenarioTypeID.Actual, SharedConstants.WorkflowProfileAttributeIndexes.WorkflowChannel,Nothing)




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The Process Control Manager (PCM) MarketPlace solution has an example and that uses SQL so I'm not sure if there is a built-in function:

Dim accountChannelId As Guid = BRApi.Finance.Account.GetWorkflowChannelID(si,dataCell.DataCell.DataCellPk.AccountId, wfUnitPk.ScenarioKey)
Dim accountChannelName As String = Me.GetWFChannelNameFromId(si, accountChannelId.ToString)
Public Function GetWFChannelNameFromId(ByVal si As SessionInfo, ByVal channelKey As String)
        'Return the WF Channel from the provided ID
        Dim channelName As String
        If channelKey = "44f49acf-571f-4a98-a58d-069671b909e5" Then
            channelName = "PCM_Standard"
        Else If channelKey = "2bca6f09-00d8-4087-9d66-8c378077de01" Then
            channelName = "AllChannelInput"
            Dim sql As New Text.StringBuilder
                sql.Append("SELECT Name ") 
                sql.Append("From WorkflowChannel ")
                sql.Append("Where UniqueID = '" & channelKey.ToString & "'")
            Using dbConnApp As DbConnInfo = BRApi.Database.CreateApplicationDbConnInfo(si)
                Using sqlTable As DataTable = BRApi.Database.ExecuteSql(dbConnApp, sql.ToString, False)
                    If Not sqlTable Is Nothing Then
                        Dim dr As DataRow = sqlTable.Rows(0)
                            channelName = "PCM_" & dr(0).ToString
                    End If
                End Using
            End Using
        End If
        Return channelName
    Catch ex As Exception
        Throw ErrorHandler.LogWrite(si, New XFException(si, ex))
    End Try			
End Function

The Standard Application Reports (RPTA) solution does it in a different way from a Dashboard Extender:

Dim wfWcfService As New OneStream.Shared.Wcf.Workflow()
Dim wfChannel As WorkflowChannel = wfWcfService.GetWorkflowChannel(si, storedGuidValue)
If (Not wfChannel Is Nothing) Then
    Return wfChannel.Name
End If