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We upgrade our OS from 7.2.2 to V8.0.0. When compile all BR we found an error on a SAP Connector BR:

1) Error at line 92: 'CreateSAPConnection' is not a member of 'BRApiDatabase'

 2) Warning at line 93: 'Function GetLiteralParameterValue(si As SessionInfo, isSystemLevel As Boolean, parameterName As String) As String' is obsolete: 'This is a temporary function used by Marketplace Solutions for backwards compatibility with old XF versions. Please change your code to use supported functionality.'." 

We already copy dll files into the integration folder (sapnwrfc.dll and associated icudt50.dll, icuin50.dll, icuuc50.dll) and add on the Referenced Assemblies the "XF\ERPConnectStandard20.dll;XF\sapnwrfc.dll"

Looking into the BRApi functions of 7.2.2 we have a "CreateSAPConnection" that is no longer available on this new version:

Dim r3Conn As R3Connection =  BRApi.Database.CreateSAPConnection(si, "ConnectionName", True)

Does anyone know which functions is replacing this one?

Thanks a lot! 



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From the v8 Upgrade Guide, hopefully available here:

ERPConnect (SAP)
ERPConnect45.dll enabling connection to SAP systems is no longer available in Platform 8.0. A
newer version ERPConnectStandard20.dll is available through the download "DLL Packages"
from the Platform page of the Solution Exchange.

On-Prem Customers:
1. Download ERPConnectStandard20.dll file to your integrations folder.
2. Install the required Visual C++ 2013 Runtime.
3. Download and copy SAP NetWeaver RFC Library DLL (sapnwrfc.dll) to the integrations
folder. See Theobald Software ERPConnect Requirements for more information.
4. Modify your business rules to use the ERPConnectStandard20.dll.

Cloud/SaaS Customers:
ERPConnect is available through the Smart Integration Connector
(SIC). See ERPConnect section of the SIC Guide for installation details or contact OneStream
Support ( to discuss more upgrade options.

Hi Jack,

thanks for the feedback.

This is exactly what I did.

However I need to replace the function BRApi.Database.CreateSAPConnection by another and I need to understand which one.

Do you have any idea?



I don't have any experience with it, but the link I added to my post to the Theobald documentation might be what you're looking for.

Beyond that, you need to engage Support.


As SAP integration with ERPConnect is now moved to SIC, as far as I know, CreateSAPConnection function has been removed from BRApi.

Once you setup the SAP connection in SIC GW, you can create the SAP connection as a Custom Connection in System Configuration. There is a database provider type called "SAP".

From now on, I guess you have to use BRApi.CreateCustomExternalDbConnInfo

I haven't tried SAP in v8 yet but it should be like that.