SAP integration with OneStream

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How can I seamlessly integrate SAP with Onestream in such a way that I can pull specific data for specific intersection? For example, let's say I want to only pull data from SAP that has entity as ABC and account as 123. How can I do that? It should be completely user driven and minimal intervention from administrator.



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Hi @prachtiwari11,

The connector rules do not offer the flexibility to pass on parameters so in order to achieve that you have to store the filters to apply. There are a number of ways to achieve that, see this post:

Another option is to use the BRApi.State.SetUserState and BRApi.State.GetUserState to pass on the values (i.e.: Entity ABC and Account 123).

So high level, you'd have a dashboard with the selection parameters and a button to trigger the load.

This button would trigger a dashboard extender rule to update the UserState with the user selection (using the SetUserState function) and would then trigger the connector rule (via the usual BRApi.Import.Process.ExecuteParseAndTransform function). The connector rule would then update the query based on the user selection that could be fetched using the GetUserState function.

Hope this helps.