Smart Connector with access to SMB Fileshare


Anyone aware if the Smart Connector solution supports a way to access a SMB fileshare on the clients network? Use case is that client uses a file-share for flat-file exchange


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Apologizes for the delay in a response!  

SIC Would work for this scenario using Smart Integration Functions.  You can invoke these to pick-up remote data from file shares up to 500-600mb or so and retrieve them from a OneStream BR.  (Simple example below).  We cannot tunnel this traffic over SIC using the direct connect capabilities as SMB shares use port 445 when a UNC path is specified and there is not a means to direct that traffic over a SIC managed port.  Smart Integration Functions would be the path to use in this scenario -- would this work for your needs?


namespace OneStream.BusinessRule.SmartIntegrationFunction.TestFileRead
public class MainClass
public byte[] RunOperation(string year)
string fname = @"\\someshare\path\hw_" + year + ".csv";
byte[] buffer = System.IO.File.ReadAllBytes(fname);
return buffer;