Snowflake Integration using REST API

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I am trying to pull data into OneStream from Snowflake using REST Api. Does anyone know how the entire process works and worked on it before .If anyone one can give a heads-up on this it would be of great help ,I have been going through few documents but not able to understand it up to the mark .If anyone has a business rule that I can use as reference and build my BR that is greatly appreciated.


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Look at the rule at the end of this (otherwise unrelated) blog post, specifically the FetchFXRateEndpoint function. That gives you a basic way to pull JSON data with VB.Net into OneStream. You can use that approach from a Connector rule, which will be invoked by a DataSource.

Beyond that, it depends on the particularities of Snowflake - whether it needs complex authentication flows, what the data looks like, how you pull it, etc - which should probably be asked to them.

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it's also important to understand how the SQL REST API works, implications and limitations. For example, you may get data in the response and status 200 (sync pattern) or request status url and status 202 (async pattern). In the second scenario you will have to check if the request is completed (that's another REST API call) and then retrieve data when completed (that's another REST API call)

The SF SQL REST API is very well documented: