Successfully Load and Transform an Import profile with no data

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I have an import step in a workflow profile, using a connector data source.

For the current Scenario/Year there is no data. This is causing an error when I run Load and Transform.

I know I can manually set the step to "Completed" using the complete workflow button, but is there a way to set the import step so that the Load and Transform does no fail in the first place when there is no data?

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You can set the import step to Optional on the Workflow Profile. This will allow you to set the step to Complete even if there is no data.


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By setting the import step to Optional on the workflow profile I can Complete the workflow (using the Complete workflow button), but I still get an error if I run the Load and Transform step. This is an issue because I have a job that goes through all the Base input workflow profiles and run the import. I would like the Load and Transform not to fail so that the job does not fail if there is no data on a workflow profile.

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Hi Andrea - In a similar situation I coded a single dummy record in the data adapter so there would never be no data. The no data errors made it hard to identify the real data load errors, which was a problem. It would be nice to be able to turn this off. I would submit an enhancement request on IdeaStream.

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You can implement the TransformationEventHandler to capture parser results and throw your own Exception

For example:


or objTransformer.Parser.LinesRead

I think there is an example for the event handler in GolfStream., You can implement this functionality in event FinalizeParseAndTransform (After)


you can do something like this:





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Hi AndreaF


Were you able to find a solution for this. We are also facing a similar situation.

Thank you for your input.



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Hi @arpitm , I posted about this on IdeaStream so this can maybe be picked up and resolved by OneStream in future, but I was not able to find a solution for this.