Taskbar Progress and Refresh Workflow status

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Hi all,
I created a workflow Import profile with the Workspace/Import/Validate/Load steps.
Inside the Workspace step, I added a Dashboard that has a button, which, in turn, has an Extensible BR that executes the following:
  1. Downloads a file from an external source and leaves it in the file Share
  2. After that, this file is imported with the Import step through a Dashboard Extender BR called from the same Extensible Rule, which Imports, Validates and Loads the same workflow profile.
I would like to see the Taskbar progress and also to automatically refresh the workflow profile status:
  • If the button launches the Extensible Rule, I see the Taskbar progress but the workflow status is not automatically refreshed.
  • If the button launches the Dashboard Extender BR, the workflow is automatically refreshed but the Taskbar progress is not shown.
Could we have both functionality? Have you seen it before? If yes, could anyone send me an example of the code used?
Thanks in advance,

Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm not sure what you mean by "Extensible Business Rule". Which of these options are you using for that case?



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Sorry, maybe it wasn't clear, I'm using the option "Execute Data Management Sequence", which launches an Extensible Business Rule.

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Hi @JackLacava , 
Executing the DM Sequence from the Dashboard Extender rule, will I see also the Taskbar with the percentage of progress?