WF Profile Error Message

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Hi everyone,


has anyone received the error below before:




The Workflow profile is in place and properties are correct but still receiving this error. Any idea how to fix this?


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Are you running a Dashboard Extender Business Rule to maybe complete the Workflow through a Button? Looks like you trying to complete an step which does not exist within the Workflow Name you working with. 

Hi Aformenti, 

Thanks for the response. The error only appears when we are trying to save data within the Acquisition model. It does not appear when completing the step

Are you using a Market Place Solution? Reporting Compliance? Or is it a Custom Solution.

Looks like you have a Event Handler that is triggering some sort of Workflow Action conflicting with the Workflow Definition. If you share the Code I am happy to take a look. 

We are not using an event handler, it is the normal data input + save, I'm guessing its the channels?

These are using Group





What else do you have under the Group Workflow Channel? 

When exactly the error appears? Does is appear when you click save button within the Form? Or when you try to complete the Form?

Do you mean what other steps? We have all these steps that use the Group WF Channel:


It appears when input & pressing save button

Are you sure you don't have a SaveDataEventHandler?. The code would be here:


Otherwise, looks like you using the Reporting Compliance solution, which might be using event handlers too..




Does not look like we have the SaveDataEventHandler only these below:



Can you share the code you've got in WorkFlowEventHandler?

Sure here it is below:



HI @Derik - Having check all of that and being a fairly generic error message we would need more detailed information on the issue to further help on this channel. Looks like you using Reporting Compliance which is a Market Place solution that could have been customized. Thanks for your collaboration

Hi Aformenti, 

Which info will be needed to help further, i can get those together for you. It seems to be an issue with the WF channel used maybe as we are not using the Market Place solutions mentioned above

Hi @Derik,

What I usually do to identify issues like this one is to go step by step and understand when it stops working. If you follow this approach you should be able to understand the root cause and if unable to fix it you can post all the details here of what you've tried and the current config so other users of this forum are able to help you.

In your case, if you believe the cause is the WF Channel I'd start by trying to update the Workflow channel from Group to AllChannelInput and see if it works as expected.