Workday Import to OneStream

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Hey all - I'm wondering if anyone has brought in people data (salary/bonus/commission/job type/job title/hire and termination dates/etc. and weekly/biweekly payroll files) into OneStream from Workday. 

From what I have heard, the payroll and salary data would live in separate tables in Workday. 

I'm beginning to scope out a process flow to do the aforementioned, but the initial thoughts would be to bring in salary related data to feed into People Planning and bring in payroll related data for analytics and potentially account reconciliations.  The salary related data would mostly support the Finance org with budgets and forecasts.  The payroll related data would mostly support the Accounting org with variance analysis at the individual person level as well as possible automation of accrual journal entry calculations. 

Please let me know if anyone has done something in this realm or would like me to specify anything more.



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Do I feel a Solution coming up...? 😉 I have nothing to offer here, but seriously, if you do the work and find it can be somewhat generalized, get in touch - it could be profitable. We're trying to make this sort of thing easier going forward, and there are some big changes coming...


We did this implementation for many clients. Once you got all the setups and creds on workday side, you connect to their DB and recreate the workday tables in the OS as custom tables (select * into...). Essentially you use connector BR that feeds the data into the respective data source.

Please pay attention to the parameters you need to call (for example for the terminated employees table). Sometimes you need them sometimes you don't. A workday admin will usually provide you with the list of the links to every particular table including required parameters and their format.

Pay very close attention to the date formats in parameters (as mentioned above), case used (workday is painfully case sensitive) and underscores "_" in the table names that you will be querying. They might be weird and sometime double, which isn't always apparent to a naked eye 🙂

Other than that, the scope and solution to workday integration is much more that can be covered in community thread. But to give you the general idea, for the sake of good coding principles (separation of concerns primarily) a data management sequence calls an extensibility business rule, which in turn executes connector business rule, that references finance BR library.