Workflow Error: Error processing data. The Entity dimension member '' is invalid.

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Hi everyone, 

I have a Budget Workflow profile with two import steps. Both steps are set up on different data source and different transformation rules. When Importing and Validating data, it works fine. However, when I get to the Load step, if I load one step, it works. But as soon as I try to load the other step, I get the error message: Error processing data. The Entity dimension member '' is invalid. I have checked the data and transformation rule and everything is fine. The issue is not with one particular step because I tried loading the second step first and vice-versa and the error message also shows. Any idea what it could be?

Thank you!


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@EmilieDurand  - My Understanding is you have 2 import Steps and trying to load data into each one of it. When you trigger the second data load you are getting and error message "Entity is Invalid"

1. Did you assigned entities to the WF Profile ? 

2. Are you loading the same entity ? in the Import Step any WF Channel being used.

3. Provide some screenshots will be helpful. 

4. Make sure your Datasource using the correct Cube.

Note: Try the settings to load unrelated entities set to True  and see if this fix the issue in WF Settings.