Workflow Status Method Query - TotalStepCount field

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Has anyone used a data adapter using the WorkflowStatus method type? It generates a field called TotalStepCount. The number of steps usually equates to the number of steps in the Workflow Name, but not always:


I understand that this is because a single step in the workflow name can actually represet multiple steps (which are included in the TotalStepCount), but I think this is context dependant - i.e. varies depeding on the other steps in the workflow. Does anybody have a way of seeing exactly which workflow(name) steps are being counted in the TotalStepCount field?


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I am not sure a list exists - but the ones I can think of are:

- Process on an Import Workflow (does Load Cube and Process Cube)

-Validate (does Transformation and Intersection validation)

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y thanks, Eric. Looks like I'll have to start the list 🙂

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the total step count is the total of all steps for workflow tasks. One task can have 1 or more steps.

From the workflow info object you ca get Tasks property (List of TaskInfo) and then from the taskinfo object you can get all Steps from Steps property  (List of StepInfo)

I think that's your starting point to build the list 🙂


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Thanks for your reply. I managed to create the list by checking the step count after each stage of work flow creation. A bit slow and tedious, but gave me an answer.

Many thanks anyway.


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