Workflow Validate Intersection Send Via Email

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Hi there,

I have a Workflow Import process that runs automatically via Task Scheduler. My question is, is there a way to capture the Invalid Intersections then send it via email? The idea is to get alerted via email without opening the application that the Validation failed.





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Hello Jesse, 

There is a new tool that has been released on the marketplace called Data Import Schedule Manager. it schedules data loads as well as email notifications. You have a lot of flexibility in defining what the email looks like. 


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Hello there,

I did something very similar. I was able to retrieve all the Transformation/Validation rejects, add a 'ByPass' rule to the concerned members in their transfo groups then retransform the source file.

Here is the part related to the validation errors, you should insert it in an "Event Handler" business Rule [Transformation Event handler]:

If args.OperationName = BREventOperationType.Transformation.ValIntersect.FinalizeValidateIntersect Then

    '*********** Before Routine ************'
   Dim wfPk As WorkflowUnitPk = BRApi.Workflow.General.GetWorkflowUnitPk(si, mywfClusterPk)
   Dim wfInfo As WorkflowInfo = BRApi.Workflow.Status.GetWorkflowStatus(si, wfPk)	
  If wfInfo.HasErrors() Then
	Dim errorDict As New Dictionary(Of String, List(Of List(Of String)))
	Dim dtValidation As DataTable = Nothing
	Dim sqlValidation As New Text.StringBuilder
	sqlValidation.Append("Select * ")					
	sqlValidation.Append("From StageToFinanceValidationError ")
	sqlValidation.Append("Where StageToFinanceValidationError.WorkflowProfileKey = '" & wfPk.ProfileKey.ToString & "' ")
	sqlValidation.Append("And StageToFinanceValidationError.WorkflowTimeKey = '" & wfPk.TimeKey.ToString & "' ")
	sqlValidation.Append("And StageToFinanceValidationError.WorkflowScenarioKey = '" & wfPk.ScenarioKey.ToString & "' ")
	Using dbConnApp As DBConnInfo = BRApi.Database.CreateApplicationDbConnInfo(si)								
		dtValidation = BRAPi.Database.ExecuteSqlUsingReader(dbConnApp, sqlValidation.ToString, False)	
		Dim sb_ValErrorsReport As New Text.StringBuilder()						
		For Each drVal As DataRow In dtValidation.Rows
			Dim strValMsg = drVal("ValidationmessagesXml")'.ToString()
			Dim validationMsgList As DataCellValidationMsgList = XmlObject.ReadXmlString(si, GetType(DataCEllValidationMsgList), strValMsg, True)									
			If Not validationMsgList.Messages Is Nothing And validationMsgList.Messages.Count <> 0 Then
				Dim errmessage As String = validationMsgList.Messages(0).ErrorMsg
				Dim errdetails As List(Of String) = validationMsgList.Messages(0).StringParams.ToList()
				errmessage = string.Format(errmessage, errdetails.ToArray())						
				If Not errorDict.Keys.Contains(errmessage) Then	
					Dim templist As New List(Of List(Of String))
					errorDict.Add(errmessage, templist)
				End If
			End If
	End Using						
End If

     '*********** After Routine ************'


The result is a Dictionary with 'Error Messages' as Keys and a List(of List(of String)) as Values holding per Dimension. You can then 'Flip-Flop' this dictionary in the format you wish 

Hi @Keyser_Soze 

Could you pls provide some details on how can I implement these codes properly.


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Thank you @Keyser_Soze and @kenostrovsky . I'll give both a try and see if this meets my requirements.