Workflow error on load step - Value cannot be null. Parameter name: type

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While trying to import data through a workflow from a *CSV file I am getting the error from below when performing the Load step of the workflow: These are the only details of the error, in the Task Activity there are no relevant details for this error.

This seems to be a generic error. Could this be related to the workflow setup or is it something else?

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You can enable detailed logging in the WFP and then run it . Check for more details in the child step in Task Activity.


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Hello @OS_Pizza , thank you for your reply. The detailed logging is enabled but the details from the task activity do not seem relevant for the error:



Is there any other place I could check? Thank you.

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I've seen that error popping up when I forgot something fundamental - like a transformation rule group for a dimension type missing in the TR profile, or an unmapped/mismapped dimension in the DataSource.

Hello @JackLacava , @mitrad, thank you for your replies. Unfortunately, I tried making different changes to the data source and transformation rule but the same error kept appearing. I will try to disable the dimensions from the cube and maybe load one by one and see where the error starts appearing if it is data source related.

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I think this is related to DataSource set up under Application tab.