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I am running a "clear Import Data" from the WF.But its clearing the data of the same entity from other WFs that I loaded .Is this behaviour normal. I just wanted to clear data from the cube that I loaded for the WF where I am triggering the "CLear All Import data".

Please advise


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Yes, when you "CLEAR" the workflow, it clears the data that is in the stage tables.

If you want to clear the data in the cube, first clear the workflow and then click retransform, then validate and load.

This will Load nothing into the cube but clear the data that is in the cube.

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I am talking about the functionality.Is there a way to only clear data from the WF where I am trigerring a process? or does it always delete all data for the entity that is assigned to?



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Hi, this clears all import data from the cube on O#Import for the affected data units. (Forms, for O#Forms, respectively.)

For deleting the data loaded from a specific WF step, follow Steven's advice: Clear, retransform, validate and load.