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Resolved! Adding Cultures after Go-Live

Hi All,I was wondering if anyone had experience adding cultures to an applicaiton after go-live. Considering this is a system wide change its difficult to test without applying across all applications. I'm wondering if the statement in the attached s...


Direct Load Limits

Hi all,does anyone knows about the limits of using the Direct Load method?Like # of rows, memory, parallel loads, or something else.Thx for advance

File Submissions

Our company currently has an internally development Microsoft SharePoint site that we utilize for our subsidiary entities to submit documentation to Corporate to consolidate the annual financial statements. It's specifically used for our year end sub...

Calculate if No Data

Have you ever wondered how the Calculate if No Data setting works? (I did, and Keith Berry helped me out)“Calculate if No Data = False” prevents the execution of rules on “OK,NA” (no data) entity. However, the Calc Status gets changed from “OK,NA” to...