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How can I visualize the Intercompany Matching via Workflow. I tried looking in the app but nothing appears. Or how to do the process for an Intercompany Elimination.

Andy66 by New Contributor
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Resolved! Unable to create an application

Hi - I'm trying to create a new application, but encountered the following error message... Unable to save 'Application Reference'. Invalid parameter. User Interface Stack Trace: Server stack trace: at System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel.Hand...

Par by New Contributor
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Resolved! Dimensions: how to link an entity to a new UD5

Hi everyone. I would like to see in which section I should put the name of the UD5 in an entity, since I see that it has a section for that but in the text part I see that other configurations also, so I would like to know where to put it so that the...

Marco_0-1717603740886.png Marco_1-1717603808396.png
Marco by Contributor
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Resolved! Display Current Login User

Hi All, I would like to create the Dashboard for the Adim which should display all the Current login users Details in the applications. Kindly help to achieve this development. Thanks

NSHAIK2 by New Contributor
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Square Brackets in Member Filter (Text Property)

Hi Experts, I am trying to use a member filter based on the Text property. Here are the sample text property values: Member1 = PASSTHRU~[False]|IPL~[False] Member2 = PASSTHRU~[True]|IPL~[False] I wanted to filter the members that have " PASSTHRU~[Tru...

vignesh by New Contributor II
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