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Resolved! Org-By-Period in multi-cube application

Has anyone gained experience with the 'org-by-period' consolidation in a multi-cube application?We are currently addressing changes in organizational structure. Specifically, we need to consolidate one of the entities within a single cube up to month...

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Elena by New Contributor II
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Dynamically disable button on a dashboard

Is there a way to set the property of a dashboard button to disabled? I have a dashboard that includes a number of button objects that execute various tasks, such as running a calculation, locking the workflow and so forth. What I'd like to be able t...

ianreid by New Contributor III
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Resolved! XFSetCell for Text Fields

Dear Colleagues,Did you build the XFSetCell feature to import text fields from a spreadsheet into an Annotation view? Any assistance on this matter would be greatly appreciated.Regards

Resolved! SQL Table Editor Unable to Save Data

OS Version 7.4.2I have a SQL Table Editor in a dashboard. Three columns: Date, Amount, Descr. The user can edit Amount and Descr. No Inserts, no deletes.The table loads with a bunch of dates. The user fills in amounts in records where needed. The des...

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