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Account Reconciliation Pull R-Doc Question

Does anyone know if when you Pull R-Doc data forward such as spreadsheets, if it is just linked to the original file or it makes another copy? Trying to determine if this is taking up more storage space.

meredithf by New Contributor II
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Account Reconciliations - Audit Summary Report

When you download the Audit support out of the tool, by way of the "Audit" button, I have noticed that it does not include Child Rec accounts in the summary PDF. This would be something nice to have as support for what is included in the reconciliati...

meredithf by New Contributor II
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Ledger Reconciliations

My background is with HFM and BlackLine, so I am still learning the ropes with OneStream. Does the Account Recs module allow for ledger to OneStream reconciliations? I'd really like to manage our ledger reconciliation process in OneStream if possible...