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Resolved! ACM - How to turn off Testing Mode

How do I turn off Testing Mode in ACM. I'm trying to use different security groups for each step in my flow and all users are able to do each step even though they are assigned to just one step. I'm guessing that this is because Testing Mode is on, a...

bhandelman by New Contributor II
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ACM Metadata load issue

Hi , i was following the following article that used a custom source table for the metadata to better understand how ACM...

crappos_0-1670393243723.png crappos_1-1670393353622.png crappos_2-1670393401505.png crappos_3-1670393433590.png
crappos by New Contributor II
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ACM Metadata Import Error

While importing parent/child metadata from the ACM interface, I am getting an error on the table XFW_ACM_MetadataAccountImportTree. I created my own excel template for this purpose. Can't find any standard template. However, I am able to successfully...

ACM_Err1.png ACM_Success.png

ACM: Multiple flows for a single UD

I am in need of running 2-3 different ACM processes for a single UD. We have 3 different Dims:Product Family----Item Code--------Item Numberin our UD5. We need to run a process to run Product Family Updates, Item Code Updates, and Item Number Updates...

ACM Enhancement Request

Users would like to use ACM for transformation rule updates similar to other metadata updates.

Marlin by New Contributor II
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