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Lists for Custom Properties

Hi,I'm trying to find out how to use lists in my custom properties in ACM. Do I need to create a parameter in the Dashboard components or is their another way to assign the list I created to the custom property so that users can select from a combo b...

joliver388 by New Contributor II
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Application Control Manager available?

Hi,I have been looking for Application Control Manager in MarketPlace but can't seem to find it. I have searched with name "Application Control Manager" in Solutions search box and nothing coming up.Do I have to be in specific version for me to see t...

Mikki by New Contributor II
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Resolved! ACM - How to turn off Testing Mode

How do I turn off Testing Mode in ACM. I'm trying to use different security groups for each step in my flow and all users are able to do each step even though they are assigned to just one step. I'm guessing that this is because Testing Mode is on, a...

bhandelman by New Contributor II
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ACM Metadata load issue

Hi , i was following the following article that used a custom source table for the metadata to better understand how ACM...

crappos_0-1670393243723.png crappos_1-1670393353622.png crappos_2-1670393401505.png crappos_3-1670393433590.png
crappos by New Contributor II
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