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Resolved! People Planning not calculating for Scenario Type - Budget

We've created a PLP solution for our client that has proven successful on all levels for our Forecast Scenarios (Scenario Type set to: Forecast). While testing this in our Budget Scenarios (Scenario Type set to: Budget), we are able to load the regis...

jpray by New Contributor II
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Validation between two dates in a Register

Is it possible to put a validation rule on the register to ensure the EndDate field (|DCode2) is greater than the StartDate field({Dcode1|}? I have date math occurring as below:XFBR(TLP_ParamHelper, GetTimeSpan,D1=|DCode1|,D2=|DCode2|,Type=M)My regis...

People Planning - Missing operand after *

Hi,I am trying to build a rule that calculates the FICA tax based on the rate and limit given, but whenever I am trying to run the plan, I have the following error: The BR looks like this:Public Function GetFicaTaxLimit(ByVal si As SessionInfo, ByVal...

Ioana by New Contributor II
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People Planning Conditional Expression Error

Hello, We recently updated our people planning version and our calculate plan button is no longer working. We didn't make any changes to the formulas. I added the data sources and the workspace dashboard name back into the Workflow profiles. Below is...

aorange by New Contributor II
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