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Scheduling TXM Process to run - specifying the period

Has anyone figured out how to create a Data Management Sequence that runs TXM Process for a specific period (such as period specified in |GlobalTime|)? Currently, it seems to run for Workflow Period, which won't work correctly if scheduled using Task...

Transaction Matching - Data Splitting

Hi all, I'm setting up the Transaction Matching MarketPlace solution with which I want to use the data splitting functionality for intercompany matching.In my example, I have two data sources both containing receivables and payables transactions. For...

Transaction Matching limitations

Below are a few issues I've been having with TXM. No single item matching – must group unrelated items to the extent possible and ensure to use appropriate naming conventions for comments and files to easily identify the comments/attachments associat...

Run Transaction Matching from Task Schedule

Has anyone every setup to run Transaction Matching from Task Scheduler? We normally run from the Transaction Matching page, but the users would like it run daily. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ryan Cutrell

rcutrell by New Contributor
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