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Resolved! Bug in Excel Add-in

Whenever I try to load Cube View in the excel , it fails and shows blank when followed the below steps1) Open Excel2) Login to One Stream and create new CV connection3) Add any CV from OS app which has input enabled cells4) Save the file to your loca...

Resolved! How to show Time header in a column to show blank in a CV

Hello, I'm currently trying to build a CV for my team. In the column filter I have time as the first member filter and account as the second member filter, but when I put as my account name A#None:Name(" ") it still gives a the WF Time. Is there a wa...

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WillVitale by New Contributor II
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How to move cube views between groups?

Is there an easier way to move a cube view from one Cube View Group to another? I am currently trying to reorganize dozens of cube views into different Cube View Groups, but they are linked to other cube views via row/column sharing. Because of this,...

MC111 by New Contributor
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Resolved! Inverse Currency Rate

Hello everyone,I'm making a cubeview and want to put in a formula to show the inverse of our currency rates. Is there a formula I can do like using a get data cell or something similar that could work?Thanks,Will

WillVitale by New Contributor II
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