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Cube View Cell Displaying Error Message

Hello, I have a requirement to display an error message in a cube view if the value of a cell is greater than the absolute value of 1000.Under the Cell Format I have "If (CellAmount >= 1000) Or (CellAmount <= -1000) Then "Is this approach correct? Is...

FM by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Cube View splitting quarters in columns

Hello, I have this Cube View that I created in which I have to move the half year (H1) column to be in between Q2 and Q3 in order to match the formatting of the report that I was given as the model.I have attempted to make some changes to accomplish ...

FM_0-1661448270852.png FM_1-1661448320503.png
FM by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Cube View column difference issue

Hello, I have this cube view that I made, in which I am having issues in the secon to last column. I am trying to see what the difference between each quarter is between the forecast and budget scenarios.When I run my cube view, I get a single differ...

FM_0-1661199146063.png FM_1-1661199165809.png FM_2-1661199182448.png FM_3-1661199199639.png
FM by New Contributor III
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