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Cube View Cell Formatting

In this Cube View I'm building there are multiple columns - some of them amounts and some percentages. I tried to put the percentage and decimal formatting for those respective columns in the column cell format. However, that formatting is being over...

Formatting cube view.PNG
stephenkf by New Contributor
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Cube view Calculate Icon When Disabled in Cube View

Hi, I am trying to allow users to calculate cube view in a workflow on an icon (see picture attached) within the cube view, but when they right click on the cell, calculation is disabled. Please let me know if someone knows solution for this

Qiniso by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Displaying account number and account description

Which CV format section or POV setting will allow me display account number and account description together? Currently only the account description is being displayed. Need to see:10000 - CashCurrent settings:Cash Thank you,

Insert Suppressed Members & Allow Sparse Row Suppression

Hi all, We are building cube views which require the expansion of three dimensions in the rows. We use the "Allow Insert Suppressed Member" function to insert suppressed members in two dimensions.Since the expansion would generate a very long list of...

LisaC by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Member filter in title bar cube view

Hi all,I am working with navigation links in my cube view. However, when I open the 'linked cube view' through my 'main cube view,' I get the member filter to show in the title of the dialogue box that opened. These are the bound parameters that I us...