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Cubeview Expansion when Exporting to Excel

Please can you investigate the possibility of having more then 6 row expansions when exporting to Excel. We have a couple of hundred rows which are collapsed to about 30 when distributing to mangers. This is done in Excel manually so it would be grea...

Tahir2061 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! All Months in Prior Year based on Global Time

Hello.I am trying to create a column set showing M1-M12 for the previous year based on Global Time. I can do this successfully using WFYear and POVYear as shown:T#YearPrior1(|WFYear|).BaseT#YearPrior1(|POVYear|).BaseHowever, this syntax generates an ...

bilbrandon by New Contributor III
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Annotations Consolidations each comment on a new line

Hi, in reference to the code sample below. Is it possible to visualize the consolidated comments on separate lines in a cube view? They start running together and get hard to read. I tried inserting Environment.NewLine or {vbNewLine} into the code bu...

Resolved! Member name and description in different columns

Hi, is there a simple way to create a cube view with the member name and description in different columns? Specifically, when there are nested members in the row. I can pull in UD8, but they come in on two columns after the names which looks odd.than...

Subtotal of a Cube View expansion?

Is there an easy way to retrieve the subtotal of all the values returned in a Cube View expansion?For instance, we might have on one Cube View Row with a nested expansion such as:E#Company1, E#Company2, E#Company3A#Account1, A#Account2, A#Account3Wha...

drgerrow by New Contributor III
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