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Conditional Aggregation Weight

Trying to ensure my signs are flipping when looking at variances for revenue vs. expenses. Does anyone know the syntax to add a conditional aggregation weight to a reporting variance (UD8) dynamic calc?

Attempting to Show NMF in a Cube View

Hello All, I am working on a dynamic calc in the account dimension to calculate percent margin. If the percent margin shows above 100% or below -100%, I want the cube view cell to display 'NMF'. At the moment I believe I have the syntax correct in my...


Resolved! UD8 Dynamic Calc - Aggregate Entities

Hello - Is there a way to have a Ud8 dynamic calc sum up certain entities based on a text field? I am trying to tag a text field on certain entities and have a dynamic calc aggregate the entities based on what that text is.Example: entity 1 - text 1 ...

pscrisp by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Prior/Current Month Dynamic Calculation

Good morning All,How do I make build this dynamic calculation for my Monthly Rate KPI CV? It takes the new month and divides it by the previous trailing month (e.g. Jan-21/Dec-20, Feb-21/Jan-21....) Here is the code I wrote:Dim RentalRevenue As Decim...

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Mustafa_A by Contributor II
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