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Header format in Excel

Is there a functionality to populate headers when we open a cube view from Excel. Currently when I open Excel, connect to OneStream and open a cube view, the headers that we set in OS does not populate. Is there a fix to this?

Export to Excel

When I try to export my report to Excel, the rows with no data are just blank. Is there a way to have them display 0?

Data Attachments

When a data attachment is added to a cell, the cell is marked with a red triangle indicating the existence of the attachment. This does not appear to show up in excel when the form is connected to Cubeview Connection. The only way to know whether the...

GW by New Contributor
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Export a Cube View to Excel in Landscape Orientation

GOALExport cube view to Excel with Landscape printing orientation. METHODThere is a cube view setting on the Advanced tab, labeled as Landscape = True/False. I have set that setting to Landscape = True. RESULTAfter exporting to Excel, the cube view f...

coneill by New Contributor II
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Table of Contents Cube View to include when running a Book

We have a user that runs a number of books whose Excel results contain dozens of sheets in a single Excel workbook. The user is asking whether it is possible to create a 'Table of Contents" cube view that will show up at the beginning of the Workbook...

mccain1 by New Contributor II
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